Julian, who many of you knew as MRS "Dispatcher 8," was a well known, well loved Boston area fire buff and fire photographer for many years. 

Julian spent a lifetime pushing the boundaries of photo-journalism -- traveling where few dared to travel, turning tragedies into teachable moments, capturing lifesaving lessons for those who protect us, and teaching the dangers of fire to the public.

Although equipment evolves over time, the essentials of effective photojournalism remain the same: to tell a story that will be remembered. 

Julian mastered the art of story telling with a camera. The Julian Olansky Scholarship will enable future generations of aspiring photojournalists to master the skills and secrets Julie knew so well.

The MetroRadio System established the Julian Olansky Scholarship with a gift of $4000 -- $1000 to be awarded each year to a deserving student. It is our hope that those who knew Julie and understood the importance of his contributions to photo-journalism, will add to the fund so that it can continue beyond its initial four year life.

Contributors moved to replenish the fund will be honoring more than Julie, they will be honoring the importance of his craft at one of America's leading colleges of photo and video-journalism.

Contributions may be made to the
Julian Olansky Scholarship at Emerson College and sent to Tom Hanold at Emerson College at the address below. Their impressive curriculum may be viewed at

Obituary for Julian Olansky


We are deeply honored that you thought of memorializing Julian Olansky and his many achievements with an annual scholarship award to an aspiring young photo-journalist at Emerson College.  Most of our students receive some financial aid, and many have substantial need, so the Olansky Award will provide a welcome source of funds and strong encouragement for needy recipients as they start their careers in photo- or video- journalism.  Thank you again for bringing this idea to us and enabling the art behind Mr. Olansky's achievements to be passed to another generation.

Thomas T. Hanold, Director 
Corporate & Foundation Relations 
Emerson College 
120 Boylston Street 
Boston, MA 02116-4624 

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